Balenciaga Sneaker UX Landing

Balenciaga Sneaker UX Landing

Balenciaga Sneaker UX Design

The purpose of this Balenciaga Sneaker UX Design was to establish a landing page for an international shoe enterprise. The landing page’s experience would serve as an essential part of the user’s (the consumer) journey and have an important role in stimulating a predetermined conversion with the consumer.




UX Design
3D Motion


Adobe After Effects
Advertising Design

Balenciaga Sneaker Layout Strategy

I needed to quickly mock up a standalone web page to show the client that a landing page can be designed to serve two purposes. I designed the layout to reinforce a marketing campaign, while demonstrating the dynamics of the product to the potential consumer. This landing page layout would be what the user “lands” on when they click on a link, such as an advertisement on Google or promotion in an email campaign.

Balenciaga Sneaker UX Product Overview

Balenciaga Sneaker UX Product Overview

E-commerce landing pages are a key part of the sales funnel. I wanted this UX design to be the link between when a customer first sees a Balenciaga ad campaign online, to when they come to this online store and purchase.

Additionally, an effective landing page should be beneficial to other aspects of a clients overall marketing efforts such as: Driving higher ROI for paid traffic, great testing and targeting specific customer segments.

Setting My UX Design Apart

In most cases, I personalized my UX Design based on clients’ marketing campaigns and or their specific customers. I am aware there are several tools available to achieve the most basic designs , so I create solutions like the below examples to enhance the user experience while keeping the interface general sleek.

If the user can navigate and enjoy their online experience with what I create, it increases the sales leads by 55%.



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