Donut Restaurant Logo Branding

Dinky Donutz is a boutique donut restaurant in South Florida, USA. In 2018, Dinky Donutz developed a rebrand strategy to position the company’s small success for a level of hierarchy. Their goal was to franchise their business with a rebrand strategy that included a new name YoNutz, new symbolism, a brand identity, a custom type mark, a store redesign, and brand merchandise. The images and content that I included on this project page, demonstrates how I executed the creation of YoNutz‘s Logo and Brand strategy. My main goal with this project was to fulfill objectives from both the client with the consumer in mind. My objectives were to (1.) peak the interest of potential investors and (2.) create alluring imagery and keep it consistent while visually telling the story of the donut restaurant to kids and their parents via digital advertising, user experiences (web) and merchandise.


Dinky Donutz


Interior Design


Custom Typemark
Vector Illustration


Donut Restaurant Logo Branding Strategy

Create a visual the says, this company makes donuts that exceed expectation. The clients best selling item is their “Smash Donut” , a very large donut.
Idea: King Kong, but fun, playful and attractive for kids.
Visual: Take the iconic imagery of King Kong climbing a building. But with a big donut.



Considering The Audience(s)

In every brand strategy, color choice is crucial and it is important to consider the psychological effects of color carefully when launching a new brand to market. So, for this project, the colors must appeal to the general population with emphasis on kids. Usually, children are accompanied by adults in donut and ice cream restaurants, as a result this Brand Logo I included colors that suggest the sweet taste of the products.

YoNutz Logo Color Palette 2018

YoNutz Logo Palette 2018

YoNutz Logo Mark Structure 2018

YoNutz Logo Construction 2018

YoNutz Logo 2018

Logo Tones 2018

The Brand Experience (2018)

Brand experience is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli that are part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments. As mentioned, in all branding and logo projects I design with the consumer experience in mind. With the logo alone I try to distinguish several experience dimensions and construct a brand experience scale that includes four dimensions:

    • sensory
    • affective
    • intellectual
    • and behavioral

Brand experience affects consumer satisfaction and loyalty directly and indirectly through brand personality associations.

YoNutz Logo Store Interior 2018

YoNutz Logo Wall Design 2018

YoNutz Logo Merchanise

YoNutz Logo Merchandise 2018


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