Momentum Intimacy Digital Advertising

Momentum Intimacy "Orgasms Since" Digital Ad

Momentum Intimacy Digital Advertisements

In this project, I am showcasing the my creation of a 2021 digital Ad Campaign for Momentum Intimacy.
Momentum Intimacy is an adult intimacy product brand developed by Dr. Drai, a nationally renowned obstetrician and gynecologist. After meeting with Dr. Drai about this project, I learned with his many years of experience in women’s health – there is an incredible need for better products to help women and men have great sex while still preventing disease and damage to sensitive areas.

“Dr. Drai created the Momentum Intimacy condom and lube lines to fulfill this need for his patients, his colleagues, his many fans, and you.”

Using Cinema4D, I rendered a 3d prototype based on the sample products Dr. Draion provided me with. Using vibrant neon colors, I developed 3 to 5 second motion graphic ads with a variant of brand messages targeting the Main Avatar consumer of Momentum Intimacy.  Avatar 1: White Female ages 16-55. In addition, the ads were designed to appeal to Gay Males who are sexually active, and African American females.

I created the following Brand Messages for the Ads Including:

“Game Night?” promoting Fun Intimacy with the product and partners

“(product placement): Over 1Million Orgasms Since (product launch date)”

“Level Up” insinuating the product can enhance the sexual experience

Can You Feel It?” insinuating the product enhances sexual feelings


Wanderlust Octo



Custom Typemark
3D Sculpting
Advertising Design


Spotify Audio Ads


"Can You Feel It" Spotify Ad Placement

Momentum Intimacy “Can You Feel It” Spotify Ad Placement

Momentum "Level Up" Digital Ad

“Level Up” Digital Ad


Momentum "Game Night" 250x200 Digital Ad

“Game Night” 250×200 Digital Ad

"Can You Feel It" Digital Ad

Momentum Intimacy “Can You Feel It” Digital Ad


Digital Pandora and Soundcloud Advertisements

Momentum Intimacy Digital Pandora and Soundcloud Advertisements


Momentum Intimacy Digital Advertising

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