Sex and Sensuality 60 Sec Spot

Sensuality Burlesque Show 2021

Objectives: Rebrand and market Atlanta’s Relationship Therapist, Meka Nicole’s Sensuality Burlesque Show 2021.

Showcase the brand as an ideal venue for a couples night out, bachelorette parties and adult birthday celebrations.


Strategy: Target Atlanta residences and vendors, ages 18+ using all digital platforms and press – with a refined brand proposition (show experience) that includes new brand logo, website, images video, POP displays, signage, digital marketing (campaigns) for Quarterly shows.


In-to-Mate Counseling Services

Art Direction
Digital Marketing


Email Marketing
Video Campaigns
Social Media Management
Advertising Design


The Execution


Original Logo

Sex and Sensuality Original Logo


2021 Logo Re-creation

Sex and Sensuality Original Logo

Pre-Event Activation Press Kit / Press Release

Sex and Sensuality Burlesque Show Trifold

click to see——> 2021 Press Kit <—— click to see 

Pre-Event Prep and Promotion

Neon Signage Development and Social Media

Sex and Sensuality Burlesque Show Trifold
Sex and Sensuality Burlesque Show Trifold




Sensuality Burlesque Show Digital Campaigns

Web Commercial 1 of 10 —- 60 second version | Videography , Lighting; Edited Brandon Coton

 Weekly Email Marketing Samples


Halloween Show 2021 Email Invitation Sample


Almost Sold Out Halloween Show Campaign Sample


Halloween Show Email Sample 1

 Website Landing

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